Strategy & Innovation consulting

How to explore & exploit for value creation? How to enlarge the pie?

As established firm there might be a need to keep attentive to radical innovations aiming to take over the market you are playing in. Or as established firm there might be need to be a fast second mover.

"Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different"

- Michael Porter

How to combine explore-exploit and how to create a matching corporate culture allowing incremental, architectural or radical innovation? Business Model Innovation. User-lead Innovation. Customer-Focused Innovation.

At the other hand of the spectrum, as R&D driven company there might be a need to get insights in how to create a market, how reach a dominant design, and how to move forward after that, how to move from strategy, to innovation, to growth. Crossing the chasm. R&D driven innovation.

Three Parallel Rivers BV offers Strategy & Innovation consulting exploring & enhancing the Technologies-Market-Organizational capabilities of your firm.